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Because I haven't done a meme in ages. [personal profile] wyomingnot gave me 19.

I lived in Greeley, Colorado, where I was attending UNC to get my Bachelors. I was still in the dorms, although I'd upgraded to the upperclass ones that included their own (tiny) kitchen.

I drove my paternal grandma's dark green Buick Regal, which I owned until January of just last year. She couldn't drive it any more and her license was revoked. She'd end up in a home in a different town, closer to one of my aunts, sometime around this time because of Alzheimers, although I don't remember exactly when. I still don't know how I ended up with her car. One of my brothers, the one who's a mechanic, owns it now.

I was in a relationship with um, no one. At least nothing romantic or sexual. I still hadn't figured out I was asexual yet and was still kind of waiting for sexuality to hit me with a clue-by-four and say "Hey, you'd really like to date this person!" Didn't happen, of course. I developed quite a few friendships during this time-frame, however, including the ones I have here. That was the year I joined LJ actually, as well as got into slash fandom.

I feared getting bad grades and not being able to afford stuff, mostly, and even then it was kind of mild. Oh, and the situation with my parents. I'd already decided to drop my music minor and switch it over to creative writing because, while I have one hell of an ear, I'm balls at actual written music theory. Didn't help the professor I took the classes from wasn't very good at teaching it, either. As for money, that was the year I only had a summer job, but everything else was being paid for in grants, scholarships, and student loans. I tend to be rather spartan in my needs and since my living expenses were basically part of tuition at the time, I wasn't even all that worried about it then. Now that I'm paying off the loans... Heh. At least they were all government subsidized, so I'm not too badly off even now. Being one of multiple kids of a farmer does have it's perks when it comes to college tuition. That was also the year my parents ended up separating - and eventually divorcing. I'd actually been aware it was heading that way since my senior year in high school when my mom thought it was a good idea to get my opinion on the matter, so I wasn't nearly as shocked or angry about it as my brothers, but it's never an easy thing to deal with, especially when each party feels injured and just wants you to agree about how bad the other person is. Towards the end of that year, I started avoiding my family out of fear of the anger and everyone trying to make me something I wasn't in order to prove they'd done right by me. We'd go back and forth on that for several years after that. I still don't talk to my family as often as I should as a result and my brothers are only just now showing signs of getting over their anger at mom for divorcing dad and me for pulling away because I didn't want to deal with mess.

I worked... My birthday's in the summer. When I'd just turned 19, I was finishing up with a year in university dining services - which convinced me to never take another food service job every again if I can help it - and developing a latex allergy to the gloves they used. One of the cooks also had a latex allergy and always hid the latex-free gloves, making my situation worse because they did have the gloves, but no one could find them and I rarely had the same shift as her. I started taking the jobs that didn't require the gloves (dish-washing, mostly), before deciding I didn't want to keep up with it for another year. I only vaguely looked for a job for the next several months because, as stated above, I didn't really need one to pay for the necessities until summer came around. Then I spent the next summer attempting to sell Cutco knives. I love the knives I ended up with as does everyone I sold them to, but at the time I primarily only knew poor college kids or poor farmers, which isn't ideal when selling something that has a payment plan. I managed to make enough just doing demos and the occasional random sale to squeak by, but I didn't keep up with it after that summer because I knew a losing situation when I in the middle of it.

I wanted to be a novelist, much like I'd wanted to be for years and still do. I was also somewhat lamenting the fact I was unlikely to become the famous singer everyone in my home town was convinced I'd become.


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