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It's been far too long. To be fair, I've been busy and easily distracted.

I have a quick question for anyone who can answer (and since I know at least one of you guys has worked with jewelry before, I'm hoping you can actually answer this), but would gold, silver, and platinum have started changing color at 1000F/538C and if so, what color(s) would they be? I need to know for a scene in the second episode of my serial novel.

That being said, the first episode of my serial novel is out as an ebook! It's called The Fifth: First Iteration and it's at fine ebook retailers everywhere (but here's the Amazon link and here's the Smashwords link to get you started.)

The second episode is due out mid-August. Right now, I'm offering each episode by itself at pretty much every ebook retailer, but once the second episode is out, I'll see about also doing an updateable ebook through Amazon and eventually the completed series everywhere else (Amazon's the only one that allows major updates to an already published ebook at this point in time).

For those of you wondering, yes, this is the story I've been talking about for years and have actually shared bits of with some of you. For any of you who've read my Five Worlds LJ account, be aware that about half of that information has changed or won't make it into the books. Of course, that means the other half will and, no, I'm not telling you which half. It'll spoil the twists. ;D

Date: 2013-07-31 11:42 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] sneezer222
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This chart gives colors and temps, but just seems to be general 'metal'


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