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My roommate has a very... interesting family. This evening, she ended up explaining a conversation she had with her five-year-old niece:

RM = Roommate
RMN = Roommate's niece

RMN: What do boys do with boy parts? What do girls do with boy parts? What does anyone do with boy parts?

RM: Uh, you're like five, how do you know anything about boy parts at all?

RMN: I know boys have them and they're called peonies.

RM: ...yes. Yes, they are.

RMN: But my mom says peonies smell nice.

RM: Urk.

RMN: She also says she likes to put them in vases, but wouldn't that hurt? I once stuck my foot in a vase and tried to smell it and it hurt, so I think it's got to hurt.

RM: Uh, yeah. I think your mom's talking about flowers. There's flowers called peonies.

RMN: *disbelievingly* Okay.

*conversation swiftly changed*
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Netbase thinks you can get rid of Jews with alcohol and salt. Actually their brand new algorithm is made of fail, but the search results are so very damn amusing. For example, the treatment for Ewan McGregor includes natural nylon, Woody Allen's scoop, Boba, bongo, boy, and British male actor. Pros and Cons of treating Ewan McGregor includes struggle. XD

Quick, let's see what other things we can find before they fix it!

ETA: Apparently rainbows are caused by infection and European strain. Treatment includes protein, water, and rainbow flags. Complications of rainbows include destroying people, VHS, and burning down Choujin. LOLZ
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First Post!

Thank you, [personal profile] wyomingnot, for the invite! *hugs and pets*

On a different note, I saw a sign at Jimmy John's when picking up something to eat and just had to grin. It said, "We'd love to see you naked, but state law requires shirt and shoes."

Also, The 16 Most Overrated Sexual Acts. I'm tempted to challenge people to write realistic stories in the comment section of this post using that list. Hell, why not. The comment space is supposed to be good-sized. Have at!


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