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Netbase thinks you can get rid of Jews with alcohol and salt. Actually their brand new algorithm is made of fail, but the search results are so very damn amusing. For example, the treatment for Ewan McGregor includes natural nylon, Woody Allen's scoop, Boba, bongo, boy, and British male actor. Pros and Cons of treating Ewan McGregor includes struggle. XD

Quick, let's see what other things we can find before they fix it!

ETA: Apparently rainbows are caused by infection and European strain. Treatment includes protein, water, and rainbow flags. Complications of rainbows include destroying people, VHS, and burning down Choujin. LOLZ
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My dad got married this Fourth of July. It was nice. We went out to the cliffs we own and then came back and had a cream can supper and set off as many fireworks as we could be it started raining too hard.

For those of you not in the know, a cream-can supper involves taking a clean cream can (you know, the metal containers fresh milk gets put into so it can be properly carried about and even pasteurized in) and fill it with lots of sausage, cabbage, carrots, whole potatoes, corn on the cob, and a little bit of onion for flavor, about six cans of beer and then enough water to cover all the ingredients, then put it on a propane burner for about one to two hours (how long depends on the size of the cream can and how hot you have the flame set at) with the lid ajar to let steam and vaporizing alcohol escape. Once it's done, tip it over into a container that you can drain the water out of (we used a clean cooler) and serve. It's delicious and you can feed a good number of people really easily that way.

I should be writing or even researching for my writing, but I got distracted. Here's some links:

The Importance of Blood Pressure Cuff Size - If you're overweight at all, you really should read this.

Sizeism in fandom

Fat/Size/Body Acceptance 101

...but don't you realize fat is unhealthy? - in which Kate Harding proves it's really not

How can it be a disease if it has health benefits?

and, possibly most important, Fat-Friendly Health Professionals - list includes most of the USA, as well as Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand.


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