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Got my hair cut. It's now a sort of bob just slightly longer than my chin and a tendency to curl oddly now that I've gotten rid of the extra weight. Reactions to it have been positive, to the point where two people I barely know complimented me on it. Add in the two remarks (one from a coworker and the other from a roommate) about the short-sleeved purple blouse I finally get to wear again because it's warmed up finally, and I've been feeling very beautiful indeed. :D

I have also managed to dig my way into a new fandom. *headdesk* Why do I always seem to fall for the fandoms with complicated backgrounds? *wails* It's Transformers and I'm trying to stick to the '07 movieverse (soon to include a new movie! *bounces*) but, in order to fill gaps, people tend to borrow from other sources. Some of that filler stuff is damn interesting and, if I'm not careful, I'm going to end up watching a few different series. Hell, I'm tempted to watch two already (out of, like 5 or 7 or so).

I meant to post this yesterday, but my internet keeps going off and on for some reason. I now have to add that, coming home from work (which is late enough that it's still dark when I get home), I noticed a flashing blue light as I parked. It was coming from the ground in front of the car parked next to me and it was this weird little round disk with six lights on it and each light would light up and go off before the next one would until it hit the last one and then it would go counter-clockwise. I have no clue what it's supposed to be, but the funny part is that the car it was in front of has a Transformers (Autobot!) sticker on its side window. *snerks* My life is officially weird.

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