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37 Maps That Explain The Whole World

Not only can you get an idea why young Americans think Europe has it better, but quite a few are interesting in their own right. Some of them are even outright funny. The one I kept going back to was the one about the earthquakes because it was beautiful and terrifying all at once.


Mar. 2nd, 2010 04:15 pm
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I haven't been on LJ or DW a lot lately because my fic is eating my brain. My muses are currently happily working away on chapter 4, despite me needing them to work on chapter 3. In the meantime, chapter 2 is finished and ready to post. Those following me on my DW journal already know Chapter 1 is up.

In the meantime, I hope you all are doing well. *hugs*
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I haven't posted lately, despite having a meta post partially written for [profile] yourthoughtson on LJ, because I've been trying to follow the recent stuff being covered on [community profile] metafandom and [community profile] linkspam. It's got me distracted to the point that I didn't know about Haiti until two days after it happened, despite seeing a brief mention of it soon after it happened. Oh, internet, why must you fail me so badly and why must I fail so badly with you?

That being said, I do highly recommend [profile] yourthoughtson. It's a new fannish meta community where you can not only post your meta-ish musings about your fandoms to an audience who'll be thrilled no matter what the fandom*, but they also supply prompts if you can't think of anything to post about yourself.

*I'm not saying everyone's going to be interested in everything, but if you're in a fandom a large portion of your flist or circle isn't currently into, then you're more likely to have luck on the comm.
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We're supposed to get more snow, but the last bit still hasn't melted. As such, because the old ones became unwearable last year and I got tired of getting snow in my shoes, I used some of my Christmas money to get new boots. They're lovely, all calf-high black faux leather with buckles. And they fit, which may not seem to be a big deal until you have to deal with a wide foot and a high arch at the same time. *grumbles at her feet*

In the meantime, I'm finding myself re-reading the webcomic Girly in order to catch up with the plot points necessary to understand the current arc. I'm not regretting it, because Girly's a funny, random, and very queer-friendly comic about a female hero and her lovely female sidekick who fall in love and have wacky adventures together. Considering how wacky these adventures are, it's actually surprising how much plot's involved. Definitely a comic on my recommend list.
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God, I haven't posted in months, which is really sad when you consider there's no real reason for it aside from laziness and being easily distracted on my part. I suspect one of my New Year's Resolutions is going to be posting more.

Some of you have seen me hanging out on the comments, so some of you at least knew I wasn't dead or anything.

Made Peppermint Meltaway cookies. Actually, I still have to do the glaze (which is pink and pepperminty!) after the cookies cool, although I think I'm gonna eat dinner first. It's late because breakfast/lunch was late because I slept in late. Yay for days off! I'll probably share the recipe with you all once it's no longer sitting on the kitchen table ready to be used.

I'm also probably going to get meta-y here in the future on current fannish interests, so you have been warned.

*hugs and cookies to anyone I forgot to post birthday announcements for*
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Updates are good.

Klein Bottles are cool.

y!Gallery is very distracting, especially the tentacle club. (Note: You need to be logged in and 18 years of age to see the hard-core stuff, but joining is free.)

Current word count on fanfiction story: 31,451. This is just what I have typed. I actually have more written. It's just in the notebook I left at work.

Need to call Mom tomorrow, because the nieces and nephew I rarely get to see are going to be up at her place this weekend. I'm pretty certain I have to work, in which case other arrangements will have to be made. *pouts*


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