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Still wallowing happily in fanfiction in norsekink, AO3, and ff.n. I've recently fallen in love with the on going series "Agent Loki: International Man of Mayhem", which can be found here.

I know, the title makes it sound like complete and utter crack, but it's really not! It's got all you really need for a spy thriller series. Three of the current five stories is written in present tense 2nd person, but please don't let that throw you off. I've never seen 2nd person POV pulled off so brilliantly. And honestly, it's kind of necessary because the person the POV represents is more than little... not quite right in the head and this just allows the reader to really understand the motives of someone who, especially in the 3rd person POV stories of the series, really isn't that easy to comprehend.
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I was very distracted by a fanfic in my current fandom obsession, ie. movie-verse Transformers. It's called Cover Me by Black Dragon Queen and it's a slashy action/adventure/comedy set in a SF setting. I just love that sort of thing. Add in the fact that it's a juicy 118 chapters and counting (she's been updating pretty much daily recently) with a fascinating plot pulling on and built from details added at the beginning featuring a slew of interesting characters and, well, you can understand why I was distracted for awhile, right? There's evil government agencies and shifting alliances and attempted kidnappings and a slew of secrets, and through it all a pervasive sense of humor. I started laughing in the 2nd chapter when Ironhide threatened to shoot the cactus because it wasn't symmetrical and I haven't really stopped laughing since.

Other yay! stuff:

Mad Social Scientist FTW!

In addition to squeeing about the upcoming Transformers movie, I am so looking forward to when 9 comes out: Large Trailer


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