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Wow. I get distracted and then the next thing I know, a couple of months have gone by.

I'm still invested in the Rise of the Guardians fandom, but I'm seriously considering a crossover with my newest obsession, Welcome to Night Vale. For those of you who don't know (and I'm going to assume that's most, if not all of you based on my reading list/flist), Welcome to Night Vale or WtNV is a free podcast (aka radio show) available in multiple places, including iTunes and is... really hard to describe accurately.

It's basically a fictional community radio news show for a town straight out of the Twilight Zone except Cecil, the announcer/narrator, is so blasé about the weird and sometimes outright creepy goings on that it's not only not scary, but often downright funny. The fact he willingly gets personal about things, ranging from ragging on people he doesn't like to sighing after the newly arrived scientist, Carlos, makes it that much more engaging. You also have to pay attention or the next thing you know, Cecil's talking about kittens or eating an enchilada and you'll have no clue why.

Also, yes, you read that right. There is a canonical gay relationship and it is the most normal part of the show. Which is saying something, considering Cecil's somewhat... obsessive. And I wish I could use a different word to describe it, because it makes him sound like he's a stalker, when he's very much not. For one thing, despite Cecil insisting he fell in love instantly, the relationship doesn't go anywhere for a year, which is when Carlos finally made the first move. The fact they're both huge dorks just makes the relationship that much cuter.

Tl;dr: This explains Welcome to Night Vale in less than 50 seconds.


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