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Here are all my fics (or at least the ones I'm willing to cop to and can locate), alphabetized by fandom and title. While none of the stories are locked, all adult and semi-adult materials are posted under the appropriate Dreamwidth Age Restriction or are on AO3 with again, appropriate age restrictions in place. In other words, if you're not old enough or if you are but not a DreamWidth member or AO3 member, depending on the story, you'll see a warning and a reason for the warning. Please take heed as necessary. In the meantime, the links to the stories include a basic summary as applicable and basic warnings and labels as applicable.

Avengers Fics

What's On For Game Night? (AO3 link)
Rating: Teen and up, just in case, but it's probably PG at best.
Characters: Tony and Darcy with mentions/cameos of Sif, Natasha, Bruce, Steve, Clint, Doctor Doom, and Phil Coulson.
Notes: Gen. AU One-shot. No pairings aside from implied one-sided Doom/Loki.

Summary: Tony's starting to get used the whole Avenger thing. Loki's still scary with board games, card games, and well, anything that can be cheated in.

One Piece Fics

One Piece Snippets Part 1 - Contains the Indiana Jones-esque snippet and the two Film Noir AU snippets.
Ratings and Warnings: PG-13 The Indiana Jones-esque one mostly because the characters canonically have filthy mouths. The Film Noir AU ones have violence and the death of minor OC characters in addition to cursing.
Characters: Mostly Sanji, Zoro, and Usopp with a bit of Luffy.

One Piece Snippets Part 2 - Contains the interconnected poly-themed snippets. Multiple Strawhats implied. Possible spoilers up through beginning of Skypeia arc.
Rating: NC-17 for most of them.
Characters: Pretty much the entire crew, with who varying by the snippet.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) Fics

Operation S.E.X. - NC-17 Japanese bondage fic. Chapter fic. OT4 turtlecest.

Summary: Mikey wants Leo and Raph to join him and Don. Leo and Raph want to join. They just don’t know it yet. Good thing Mikey has a plan.

Stretching - NC-17 PWP kink!fic. 2003!verse. Leatherhead/Donatello. Hermaphrodism and minor medical kinks. No summary.

Transformers Fics

Mature/NC-17 for sexual situations and violence. Please heed warnings in chapter 1.

Summary: No one believed the Twins had met the mythical AB-1025, except for the few who knew the truth. Now the Twins’ find their lives entwined with that of a badly broken mech who may be the Autobots last – and best – hope.

Part 1:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Part 2:
Chapter 1

Rise of the Guardians Fic

Karma's Helper (AO3 link)
Teen or older. Implied attempted rape involving two OCs. Karmic genital issues.

Summary: There were millions of people who had been in, would be in, and were currently in this horrible situation. Jack couldn't help them all. He couldn't be everywhere, after all. But this one? This one he could do something about. AKA the story where someone learns it's a bad idea to try and rape someone in the presence of the Trickster Spirit of Winter.

Tangled Oaths (AO3 link)
Teen or older. Traumatized child(ren). Witchcraft. Implied (and occasionally actualized) magical slavery. Some of the villain's actions can be viewed as sexual assault on a minor (the actions probably are sexual assault, even if sex isn't on the villain's mind, but the victim may or may not be a minor thanks to being an immortal permanently stuck with the body of a teenager). Mood whiplash (it starts fairly happy, quickly dissolves into angst and action featuring a truly creepy villain, but gets better later.) Gen, mostly, with some implied het and slash in the background.

Summary: She watched her brother with a soft smile. He looked different now; his hair was white, his eyes were blue, his clothing rimed with frost, and no one else could see him as he rode the wind and made ice dance. But he was still her Jack, too busy having fun and making people smile to notice the dark things in the shadows watching him. And she knew that one day she would gladly give her life to save him just as he had once given his to save her.
“It is a long story. Very sad, but has happy ending!”


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