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Dec. 31st, 2037 11:05 pm
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Here are all my fics (or at least the ones I'm willing to cop to and can locate), alphabetized by fandom and title. While none of the stories are locked, all adult and semi-adult materials are posted under the appropriate Dreamwidth Age Restriction or are on AO3 with again, appropriate age restrictions in place. In other words, if you're not old enough or if you are but not a DreamWidth member or AO3 member, depending on the story, you'll see a warning and a reason for the warning. Please take heed as necessary. In the meantime, the links to the stories include a basic summary as applicable and basic warnings and labels as applicable.

Avengers Fics )

One Piece Fics )

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) Fics )

Transformers Fics )

Rise of the Guardians Fic )
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So, I decided to take a break from all of the games on my phone because they were literally eating up all of my free time and then almost immediately created a Tumblr account (I'm nkvictory, btw) because that seems to be where the fandom for my latest obsession is hanging out.

And, well, can I just say how much I love these dorks?

I have an OTP. I have never had a true OTP before. The closest is usually along the lines of "Yeah, I think this couple works best," which isn't the same as the whole "I need these two to be together forever RIGHT NOW!" I'm currently feeling. I didn't think I could feel that way. And over a het pairing, no less!

I usually don't like het pairings because I can't stand the dynamics most people use. The few I have liked were battle couples (or battle groups in the cases of the ones I tend to prefer poly groupings for) because they're more likely to be equals. This one is definitely a battle couple, even if they're still working out the 'couple' part, with her just as likely if not more to rescue him as he does her. That helps. As does that it's so sweetly innocent that I could write the characters as hetero-romantic aseuxals and not have to change a thing. And the fact he's the Disney princess of the pair. Literally. Not only is this show being distributed internationally by Disney, but the creators have compared him to a Disney princess and have had the character do things like actually swoon.

It might also help that I find the love square hilarious. You see, these two adorkable idiots are madly in love with each other and not only haven't figured it out yet, they've managed to combine their civilian and superhero identities into an incredibly tangled love square. It takes special talent to pull off what normally takes four people with just two.

Most of all, I love that they've been set up as a legitimate example of what a good and healthy relationship is supposed to look like in a series whose main themes are abuse and consent.

Cutting here to spare the uninterested from my fangirl squeeing and rambling. )
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You know, I just realized that Luke and Leia didn't have very many reasons to share that they're related and several for why they shouldn't. Indeed, it doesn't seem to be very common knowledge at all in The Force Awakens. Which makes me also realize that Han, Luke, and Leia probably accidentally convinced a lot of people that they were in some sort of threesome.
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I'm mostly just putting this here so that I have proof if I guessed correctly. Otherwise, don't mind me. *handwave* This isn't the post you're looking for. Move along.

Gravity Falls theory behind the cut. )
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Wow. I get distracted and then the next thing I know, a couple of months have gone by.

I'm still invested in the Rise of the Guardians fandom, but I'm seriously considering a crossover with my newest obsession, Welcome to Night Vale. For those of you who don't know (and I'm going to assume that's most, if not all of you based on my reading list/flist), Welcome to Night Vale or WtNV is a free podcast (aka radio show) available in multiple places, including iTunes and is... really hard to describe accurately.

It's basically a fictional community radio news show for a town straight out of the Twilight Zone except Cecil, the announcer/narrator, is so blasé about the weird and sometimes outright creepy goings on that it's not only not scary, but often downright funny. The fact he willingly gets personal about things, ranging from ragging on people he doesn't like to sighing after the newly arrived scientist, Carlos, makes it that much more engaging. You also have to pay attention or the next thing you know, Cecil's talking about kittens or eating an enchilada and you'll have no clue why.

Also, yes, you read that right. There is a canonical gay relationship and it is the most normal part of the show. Which is saying something, considering Cecil's somewhat... obsessive. And I wish I could use a different word to describe it, because it makes him sound like he's a stalker, when he's very much not. For one thing, despite Cecil insisting he fell in love instantly, the relationship doesn't go anywhere for a year, which is when Carlos finally made the first move. The fact they're both huge dorks just makes the relationship that much cuter.

Tl;dr: This explains Welcome to Night Vale in less than 50 seconds.
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It's been far too long. To be fair, I've been busy and easily distracted.

I have a quick question for anyone who can answer (and since I know at least one of you guys has worked with jewelry before, I'm hoping you can actually answer this), but would gold, silver, and platinum have started changing color at 1000F/538C and if so, what color(s) would they be? I need to know for a scene in the second episode of my serial novel.

That being said, the first episode of my serial novel is out as an ebook! It's called The Fifth: First Iteration and it's at fine ebook retailers everywhere (but here's the Amazon link and here's the Smashwords link to get you started.)

The second episode is due out mid-August. Right now, I'm offering each episode by itself at pretty much every ebook retailer, but once the second episode is out, I'll see about also doing an updateable ebook through Amazon and eventually the completed series everywhere else (Amazon's the only one that allows major updates to an already published ebook at this point in time).

For those of you wondering, yes, this is the story I've been talking about for years and have actually shared bits of with some of you. For any of you who've read my Five Worlds LJ account, be aware that about half of that information has changed or won't make it into the books. Of course, that means the other half will and, no, I'm not telling you which half. It'll spoil the twists. ;D
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On The Collision of Fannish Expectations, Allowances, Kinks, and Squicks in Rise Of The Guardians Fandom

Warning: This essay contains some spoilers for the movie Rise of the Guardians and the books it is based off of.

Cut for length and pictures. )
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Tangled Oaths has officially surpassed everything else I've ever posted on ff.n. Honestly, if you include all of the AO3 reviews and kudos, it probably did that awhile ago, although, interestingly, I've gotten a hell of a lot more reviews on ff.n than on AO3, even without taking into account comment conversations that can happen on the later site. On the other hand, I've a ton more kudos on AO3 than reviews on ff.n so, huh. Oh well. I'm just grateful people like it.

Rant time!

Why the hell aren't more people taking advantage of the fact Pitch Black is the Boogieman? A part of me feels like I'm treading new ground with Tangled Oaths just by making Pitch a truly creepy villain but every time I think that, it's kind of a "Wait, what?" moment for me as well because writing the Boogieman as anything other than creepy is what should be treading new ground. Cut for length and potential spoilers. )
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I've always had a thing for instrumental music (which confuses anyone I know offline who's heard me sing) which means I have a thing for New Age and trailer music and soundtracks, not necessarily in that order. But lately, instrumental music is starting to become more modern as people realize, hey, that's awesome! So here's a few recommendations (sorry about linking YouTube videos, but they are for the artists' own channels and, if you really want to, there are ways to download the music from YouTube videos for free):

Lindsey Stirling - Crystallize (dub-step violin)

The Piano Guys - Berlin (everything heard in the song is done with cellos and a kick-drum)

Yami no Matsuei OST - Devil's Trill (metal version of an old and very difficult violin piece)

And, for the fun of it, The Piano Guys - Cello Wars: The Phantom Cellist (because Star Wars medleys are fun and this one's well done)
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I just... wow. I want to take the anonymous review someone gave me on chapter 13 of Tangled Oaths over on ff.n and frame it.

Have you guys ever gotten reviews like that on a story?

And I'm really loving writing Tangled Oaths right now. If I thought I could get away with, you know, filing off the serial numbers and selling it, I so would. The only reason I haven't really been talking about it on here is because the entire story involves taking a major plot point (and equally major spoiler) and changing everything by giving a minor character a hell of a lot more agency than she originally had and introducing her to the villain who is actually acting like the monster he is at this point.
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Because I haven't done a meme in ages. [personal profile] wyomingnot gave me 19.

I lived in Greeley, Colorado, where I was attending UNC to get my Bachelors. I was still in the dorms, although I'd upgraded to the upperclass ones that included their own (tiny) kitchen.

I drove my paternal grandma's dark green Buick Regal, which I owned until January of just last year. She couldn't drive it any more and her license was revoked. She'd end up in a home in a different town, closer to one of my aunts, sometime around this time because of Alzheimers, although I don't remember exactly when. I still don't know how I ended up with her car. One of my brothers, the one who's a mechanic, owns it now.

I was in a relationship with um, no one. At least nothing romantic or sexual. I still hadn't figured out I was asexual yet and was still kind of waiting for sexuality to hit me with a clue-by-four and say "Hey, you'd really like to date this person!" Didn't happen, of course. I developed quite a few friendships during this time-frame, however, including the ones I have here. That was the year I joined LJ actually, as well as got into slash fandom.

I feared getting bad grades and not being able to afford stuff, mostly, and even then it was kind of mild. Oh, and the situation with my parents. I'd already decided to drop my music minor and switch it over to creative writing because, while I have one hell of an ear, I'm balls at actual written music theory. Didn't help the professor I took the classes from wasn't very good at teaching it, either. As for money, that was the year I only had a summer job, but everything else was being paid for in grants, scholarships, and student loans. I tend to be rather spartan in my needs and since my living expenses were basically part of tuition at the time, I wasn't even all that worried about it then. Now that I'm paying off the loans... Heh. At least they were all government subsidized, so I'm not too badly off even now. Being one of multiple kids of a farmer does have it's perks when it comes to college tuition. That was also the year my parents ended up separating - and eventually divorcing. I'd actually been aware it was heading that way since my senior year in high school when my mom thought it was a good idea to get my opinion on the matter, so I wasn't nearly as shocked or angry about it as my brothers, but it's never an easy thing to deal with, especially when each party feels injured and just wants you to agree about how bad the other person is. Towards the end of that year, I started avoiding my family out of fear of the anger and everyone trying to make me something I wasn't in order to prove they'd done right by me. We'd go back and forth on that for several years after that. I still don't talk to my family as often as I should as a result and my brothers are only just now showing signs of getting over their anger at mom for divorcing dad and me for pulling away because I didn't want to deal with mess.

I worked... My birthday's in the summer. When I'd just turned 19, I was finishing up with a year in university dining services - which convinced me to never take another food service job every again if I can help it - and developing a latex allergy to the gloves they used. One of the cooks also had a latex allergy and always hid the latex-free gloves, making my situation worse because they did have the gloves, but no one could find them and I rarely had the same shift as her. I started taking the jobs that didn't require the gloves (dish-washing, mostly), before deciding I didn't want to keep up with it for another year. I only vaguely looked for a job for the next several months because, as stated above, I didn't really need one to pay for the necessities until summer came around. Then I spent the next summer attempting to sell Cutco knives. I love the knives I ended up with as does everyone I sold them to, but at the time I primarily only knew poor college kids or poor farmers, which isn't ideal when selling something that has a payment plan. I managed to make enough just doing demos and the occasional random sale to squeak by, but I didn't keep up with it after that summer because I knew a losing situation when I in the middle of it.

I wanted to be a novelist, much like I'd wanted to be for years and still do. I was also somewhat lamenting the fact I was unlikely to become the famous singer everyone in my home town was convinced I'd become.


Apr. 4th, 2013 11:13 am
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The 33 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places in the World. Dang if those pictures aren't giving me ideas.

Ever wanted to know how to type a heart (♥) on your computer? Alt key codes to the rescue!

In unrelated news, I have to move to a new apartment by June 1st. I think I've finally found something willing to work with my odd revenue schedule. Wish me luck!
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One of my TMNT fics just got nominated for the Adult Fan Fiction Awards for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (AFFA TMNT), which surprised the hell out of me - and made me do a little jump for joy.

It surprised me because last I knew the AFFA awards are for the year the story was published and I haven't been in the TMNT fandom for four years. Apparently they missed a year and this year opened it to anything that was published prior to the date the nomination time period started.

It made me jump for joy because the AFFA awards is definitely the most professionally run fanfiction award site I've ever seen.

I've only written two stories for this fandom and now both of them have been involved in the AFFA. The other story actually tied for fourth place in its category, which pleased me because I was competing against BNFs and it was the first story I'd even written for the fandom, which meant it got there entirely by how well I wrote the story.

I'm not really expecting this other story to place very high, honestly, but the fact someone likes it enough to nominate it four years after I wrote it is enough to make me giddy.

For anyone who's interested or just curious, here's the AFFA site - I was last involved in the 2008 competition - and the stories in question can be found here on my DW account.
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I got your postcard, [personal profile] wyomingnot! *hugsback*

Over on AO3, Kayasurin and I have decided to form and be co-presidents for the Evil Author Club. Feel free to join us! I'd offer you something, but we're still working on our motto and not certain what we're giving people yet (aside from cliffhangers. Lots and lots of cliffhangers).

Rise of the Guardians came out today! You guys really need to watch it! *goes to watch her copy*
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I've updated my sticky post for fiction on DW to include my fiction over at AO3, which includes two one shots and a WIP I'm still updating regularly.

Which reminded me of something I wanted to rant about. Namely Jack Frost's age.

This is probably the only fandom I've ever been in where a big deal has been made about the age of a character. I'm not talking about chan/underage/shotacon/lolicon. We all know a fandom (or a story) with that going on. This is, however, related. Cut to save those who don't care or don't want to be spoiled. )
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37 Maps That Explain The Whole World

Not only can you get an idea why young Americans think Europe has it better, but quite a few are interesting in their own right. Some of them are even outright funny. The one I kept going back to was the one about the earthquakes because it was beautiful and terrifying all at once.
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My roommate has a very... interesting family. This evening, she ended up explaining a conversation she had with her five-year-old niece:

RM = Roommate
RMN = Roommate's niece

RMN: What do boys do with boy parts? What do girls do with boy parts? What does anyone do with boy parts?

RM: Uh, you're like five, how do you know anything about boy parts at all?

RMN: I know boys have them and they're called peonies.

RM: ...yes. Yes, they are.

RMN: But my mom says peonies smell nice.

RM: Urk.

RMN: She also says she likes to put them in vases, but wouldn't that hurt? I once stuck my foot in a vase and tried to smell it and it hurt, so I think it's got to hurt.

RM: Uh, yeah. I think your mom's talking about flowers. There's flowers called peonies.

RMN: *disbelievingly* Okay.

*conversation swiftly changed*
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Ah, I adore trickster characters. Especially ones that manage to do good in the most amusing way possible. That is not his wickedest, up-to-no-good expression, either.

I must admit I got distracted lately, mostly because I got involved reading two very awesome fics I want to rec and started writing a fanfiction in my downtime that's going really well but is emotionally draining. And I can't rec the fics or whine at you guys or ask for hand-holding for the one I'm working on because, you know, spoilers.

But, well, how many of you are actually planning on buying/renting Rise of the Guardians when it comes out on video next week? I do recommend it - it's like Avengers meets Terry Pratchett - but I get that animated fare isn't necessarily everyone's thing. Some of you probably wouldn't mind me ranting at you, even if you never see the movie or read the books it's based on. And there's probably at least one spoiler hound on my flist who wishes I'd stop mentioning spoilers and just tell them. So I'm going to spoil you, at least those of you who don't mind being spoiled.

I'm going to focus on movie spoilers and not book spoilers for this, mostly because the movie has five spoilers already and adding the books on top of that is a bit much. Yes, five. It's amazing how much they managed to hide (and how much crap they got away with). Spoilers behind the cut. )


Feb. 14th, 2013 12:40 pm
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Okay, these are just wrong in all of the right ways. Don't forget to scroll down - there's lots of fandoms here. Happy Valentine's Day!


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