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We're supposed to get more snow, but the last bit still hasn't melted. As such, because the old ones became unwearable last year and I got tired of getting snow in my shoes, I used some of my Christmas money to get new boots. They're lovely, all calf-high black faux leather with buckles. And they fit, which may not seem to be a big deal until you have to deal with a wide foot and a high arch at the same time. *grumbles at her feet*

In the meantime, I'm finding myself re-reading the webcomic Girly in order to catch up with the plot points necessary to understand the current arc. I'm not regretting it, because Girly's a funny, random, and very queer-friendly comic about a female hero and her lovely female sidekick who fall in love and have wacky adventures together. Considering how wacky these adventures are, it's actually surprising how much plot's involved. Definitely a comic on my recommend list.
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There's just something simultaneously very cool and incredibly dorky about a smiley face ninja wielding a mop and safety cone as weapons. I'm still deciding if I want to wear the pin depicting it at work, despite the fact that they gave it to me so I could if I wanted.

In other news, I'm highly multi-fannish. I have tabs of fanfiction for at least four different fandoms up right now. In an effort to allow anyone reading to have at least a basic idea of what I'm into at any given moment, I've decided to do a (W)Rec(k) of the Day. It's mostly going to be fanfiction, but there'll also be vids, music, movies, etc. Mostly just me squeeing but there will be, as the name suggests, also be times when I'll be harshing the squee and explaining why such a fanfiction has this, this, and that wrong, but I'm still reading it because it's getting that really right.

So, without further ado, the first (W)Rec(k) of the Day:Squeeing here )


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