Mar. 3rd, 2013

nike: Jack Frost holding a snowball and smirking (RotG Jack Frost)
Ah, I adore trickster characters. Especially ones that manage to do good in the most amusing way possible. That is not his wickedest, up-to-no-good expression, either.

I must admit I got distracted lately, mostly because I got involved reading two very awesome fics I want to rec and started writing a fanfiction in my downtime that's going really well but is emotionally draining. And I can't rec the fics or whine at you guys or ask for hand-holding for the one I'm working on because, you know, spoilers.

But, well, how many of you are actually planning on buying/renting Rise of the Guardians when it comes out on video next week? I do recommend it - it's like Avengers meets Terry Pratchett - but I get that animated fare isn't necessarily everyone's thing. Some of you probably wouldn't mind me ranting at you, even if you never see the movie or read the books it's based on. And there's probably at least one spoiler hound on my flist who wishes I'd stop mentioning spoilers and just tell them. So I'm going to spoil you, at least those of you who don't mind being spoiled.

I'm going to focus on movie spoilers and not book spoilers for this, mostly because the movie has five spoilers already and adding the books on top of that is a bit much. Yes, five. It's amazing how much they managed to hide (and how much crap they got away with). Spoilers behind the cut. )


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